Growing up in Vermilion Bay with four siblings in a small community, we didn’t have much but we had each other and great friends and that’s what mattered most. 

In the toughest of times, Tullio and Anna embarked on a journey from Italy to Canada to create a better life.  In a little town, outside of Dryden, Tullio and Anna met and married in 1964. They ensured that we lived with unconditional love, understanding of hard work, and the importance of family. 

You could always guarantee we were to meet at the supper table at 6 pm where we would share a good meal, our day and lots of love!  This tradition has been passed on to the following generation where we meet over a great meal with conversation, laughs and love.  Actually, nothing makes Tullio and Anna more proud. 

The concept of opening a family business was formed at this supper table.  Tullio, Carm and Tom knew that our core values could be carried over into Fort Vermilion.  Over the past 18 years, we built this business on just that and have created a family with many customers from near and far.  Every year when we open our doors for another season, we look forward to nurturing our extended families’ relationships plus building on it where we share our winter stories, adventures and conversation. 

We hope you come and visit us, enjoy a good meal and the atmosphere we have created and leave knowing that you are a part of our family.  When we meet you, we will take the time to thank you for coming and hope you will return to enjoy your surroundings as our Fort Vermilion family!