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fresh eats, sweet treats, and a fully licensed outdoor patio!

A hip and relaxed eatery where your made-to-order meal is created with the freshest and finest ingredients. Breakfast is available daily with a full-menu on Saturday and Sunday.  Lunch and supper offers an extensive menu including wraps, sandwiches, soups, salads, and desserts.

A coffee bar is on site where we brew a local roasted blend.  The blend is offered in our regular brew as well as a variety of speciality coffees.  The loose leaf, hand blended tea selection hails from a local tea shop where we pair the organic tea with steamed milk and flavours – essentially a dessert in a cup! 

Pair your meal with one of our many drinks options.  Our selection boasts a variety of interesting choices which includes classic, emerging and trending bevies.  Iced drinks, bottled sodas and refreshing juices are a step above the rest. Local beer and Ontario wine is an added bonus for you to enjoy. 

The dessert and ice cream counter are up front and centre to tantalize your senses.  Make sure you pair your meal with one of our delectable desserts and creamiest of ice creams.

We are here not only to provide you with delicious and wholesome food and drink options, but to provide a relaxing, soothing atmosphere where you can enjoy the fresh and fabulous surroundings.